3 zero waste essentials to always keep in your bag

3 zero waste essentials to always keep in your bag

You might be the perfect zero waster, if you forget one of these essentials you might have to buy a plastic disposable instead. To avoid that, never forget to put in your bag before leaving int he morning:

A reusable water bottle or a mug

We are supposed to drink 1,5 L of water per day. Can you imagine the amount of plastic bottles thrown away if we had no alternatives?

Luckily, you can fill your reusable bottle or you mug from the tap or from water fountains. In Hong Kong, Water for Free will help you find the closest drinking fountain to fill your bottle!

Reusable cutlery and lunchbox

As many Hong Kong workaholics, we might not have the time to plan out meal and usually choose take aways instead. So don't forget your reusable cutlery and containers if you don't want to be given plastic ones. Also, check our list of favorite eco-friendly takeaways where you can bring your own containers and kindly receive a discount for that.

A reusable bag

We often have something to buy on our way back home : groceries for dinner, bread... Empty coton bags or linen ones are very light and easy to carry everywhere with you. They will save you from asking for a plastic disposable bag!

After a few days, you will realize that these objects are not cumbersome and very easy to use daily so don't give up!

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