Keep food alive.

Their mission

Abeego was created to save your food and to help you reduce your waste. The brand fights against the use of plastic wraps and containers which cannot be recycled and which leach chemicals into food. Beeswax wraps are natural, zero waste and sustainable alternatives that keep food fresh and healthy.

Their story

Abeego was founded in Canada in 2008 by Toni Desrosiers, a nutritionist and entrepreneur, who started her business as an experiment in her kitchen. Aware of the dangers of BPA, she wanted to create a plastic-free product inspired by the way people used to naturally store food before plastic wrap. 9 years later, her beeswax food wraps are sold across the US, Canada and in many other countries around the world.

They manufacture their products in Canada

Awards and Certifications

Toni Desrosiers - 2014 BDC's Young Entrepreneur Award