Our mission

Anyone can start a Zero Waste lifestyle

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Our project

With the amount of waste massively produced daily, and the difficulty to recycle properly, we discovered the most efficient way to tackle these issues was to produce less in the first place.

This is why we decided to look for alternatives to daily disposables and created NO!W No Waste, a platform giving access to reusable and compostable products. We wanted to allow anyone eager to make a change, to take a first step towards the Zero Waste lifestyle. On this platform, you will find essentials to accompany you along your Zero Waste progression as well as tips to help you in this new challenge!

We calculated the environmental impact of each product because every little step counts. We carefully sourced products that are ethical, reduce your plastic waste, have recyclable packaging, are BPA free and (when possible) are designed in France but made in China (to reduce their carbon footprint).

Now, are you ready to take this challenge ?


After reading Bea Johnson’s bestseller ‘Zero Waste Home’ in 2015, I had a revelation: it was high time to embrace a more responsible lifestyle by considerably reducing my waste! When looking for necessary products to start my Zero Waste journey, I realised there was no easy way to have access to them from Hong Kong.

So, with my 15 years of experience in designing websites, I decided to take a second challenge and create an e-shop to provide all the best alternatives to plastics and disposables.

After our launch in Hong Kong, demands were so high in other cities, that we decided to deliver in Macau and Singapore too!

Fanny MORITZFounder & CEO

Livre Bea Johnson, Zero Dechet

Our commitments

From the choice of our products

Plastic free products

All of our products are safe for your health, BPA and chemical free

Recyclable or biodegradable packaging

Most of the brands we select use recyclable or biodegradable packaging

Brands with a social impact

We select brands involved in social projects such as reforestation, access to health services for deprived children and employing disabled persons.

Minimize the carbon footprint

We try to select brands that produce as close as possible to Hong Kong to reduce our carbon footprint.

To the supply chain

Low carbon footprint for delivery

We offer a pick-up option to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Local warehouses in Hong Kong & France Next step

We are planning to open a warehouse in France, to lower the carbon footprint of people ordering from there.

Recycled packaging

Our packages are made of second hand boxes to which we give a new life.

Social impact Next step

We are working on a partnership with St. James' Settlement, which has an upcycling centre in Wanchai and is hiring disabled and elderly people.

4 top reasons to try a Zero Waste lifestyle

  • Protect our planet

    To stop the plastic disaster and the death of millions of animals from eating plastic

  • Protect our health

    Because toxic chemicals should not be found in our food and our daily products

  • Save money

    Because disposable items are not sustainable solutions for your wallet

  • Take up a challenge

    It's a daily challenge you will enjoy as much as we do!