Their mission

Alterosac's products fulfil the growing need to reduce waste due to packaging. Their use is in line with a more respectful way of life and their production is made in the respect of the environment. 

  • Reduce the use of plastic and paper bags in bulk stores
  • Promote a zero waste way of life 
  • Promote the use of local (France), organic and sustainable materials.  

Their story

Alterosac is a small handcrafted company based in the French Alps. Created in 2016, by a young businesswoman who wanted to propose a sustainable alternative to disposable bags and packaging proposed in bulk stores.

She started to create her first bags for herself and saw that it was a success so she took the initiative to make its production bigger. 

The fabrication

All the products are handmade in the French Alps, from organic and local raw materials. For all the needs of the company, they always try to have a respectful approach for the environment.