The reusable razor designed with women in mind

Their mission

Inspired by tradition, Bareaya razors are made with the purpose of offering a better shaving alternative to modern women. They are meant to celebrate the love for our bodies and the respect for our planet.

Whether it’s a disposable razor or a cartridge-head system, plastic razors are used as a commodity for a short time and thrown away by billions each year. They are not recyclable because they are made of a mix of materials. Safety razors are plastic-free reusable razors working with a pure stainless steel blade. Only the blade is disposable but widely recyclable. They provide the greatest shave by working with a single quality blade that is efficient yet more gentle on the skin.

Though traditionally used by men, there is absolutely no reason why women couldn’t benefit from their sophisticated and superior results. Bareaya combined key features to take all women on board of a zerowaste shaving routine, such as a long handle, a lower aggressivity, and an elegant design.

Their story

Bareaya is a brand committed to provide a sustainable alternative to disposable razors with an offer tailored to women. Run by French eco-advocate Marjorie, Bareaya was founded in 2018 and is currently based in Hong Kong.

“ I was really surprised by how many women were afraid to take the leap. They love the idea of a plastic-free, irritation-free, toxin-free razor that is made to last. But bold, over-manly designs and aggressive blades are what make the current market offer quite intimidating. So, I decided to build one that would be different. One that could take all women on board. This is where it all started for Bareaya.“