Urban - Exotic - Ethical

Their mission

KAMBODJA is trying to promote ethical fashion in a country that still needs external help. They want to empower local disadvantaged communities by involving them in the production process and making donations to an NGO that support eduction in Cambodia as a way to give back because this is how they believe fashion should be done. Their aim is to create an image of quality for the “Made in Cambodia” that will help the country in the long-term.

Their story

Quach, the founder of KAMBODJA was born and raised in France by half-Chinese, half-Cambodian parents who escaped the Khmer Rouge in 1979. When she went to Cambodia, she fell in love with the beauty of the country, its traditions, its people. She wanted to create a brand that would embrace local culture and celebrate it through modern designs.

The name KAMBODJA comes from the blending of three words: [Kam]puchea | Cam[bod]ge | Kambu[ja]. Respectively the Khmer, French and heritage name for “Cambodia”. Thus, Kambodja summarises in one word the creative influences and foundation of the Founder and Art Director.