A range of nomad products

Their mission

Qwetch wants to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for everyone. Thanks to their on-the-go, healthy and reusable products, they allow you to carry your meals and drinks everywhere and to considerably reduce your plastic waste.

Qwetch is also a socially responsible company. Each month, they donate a percentage of their proceeds to two French associations: Couleur de Chine, which helps Chinese girls from minority ethnics to go to school and Génération Cobayes which informs young generations of the impact their daily behaviors have on their health and the environment.

Their story

During a trip to China, Qwetch’s founders discovered the chinese tea and food nomad culture. They realized that, everywhere, people don’t eat at home anymore. Back in France in 2012, they decided to create a range of reusable and sustainable products allowing people to carry their meals and drinks with them.

They manufacture their products in China.