Their mission

There are 500 billion single-use cups getting tossed into landfills every year. Thus, Stojo is proposing an alternative to reduce this amount. More than classic reusable coffee cups which are bulky, leaky, and often get left at home, they invented the a funnier, more convenient and ultraportable cup.

Their story

This company was created by three busy dads from New York who used to live, work and drink coffee on the go. They realised that they drink more than 1000 coffees a year. And even if they wanted to take care of the planet, whether it is during the morning, the rush hours on the subway, the bike rides to work, or the walks with the stroller, they could not imagine adding a bulky travel mug to the equation. Thus, unfortunately and like most people, they ended up choosing the convenience of a disposable cup over doing the right thing for the planet.

Then, they decided to do something about it and three years after the initial brainstorming session, the Stojo Pocket Cup was born. It was the world's first ultra-portable, leak-proof reusable cup.