Oriculi, bamboo Q-tips

Bamboo Qtips Oriculi, Lamazuna
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Bamboo Qtips Oriculi, Lamazuna Bamboo qtips Oriculi, Lamazuna Different color bamboo Qtips, Lamazuna Bamboo Qtips Oriculi, Lamazuna Bamboo cotton swab Oriculi, Lamazuna
If you buy this product, you help avoid that 25 billion Q-tips end up in landfills this year.

Oriculi, bamboo Q-tips

Healthy, eco-friendly and easy to use, those bamboo Q-tips will replace hundreds of plastic disposable cotton buds for good.

  • Made of bamboo
  • Healthier than cotton buds
  • Last for a lifetime
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  • Recyclablecan be recycled

  • Recycledmade from recycled content

  • Compostablecan be composted

  • Reusablecan be used again

  • Coming from Japan and China where they are widely used, those Q-tips will soon become the best allies of all your family's ears.

    How to use?

    You can use your bamboo Q-tips once or twice a week to clean the entrance of your ear canals, but not further! Don’t forget that our body produces earwax to keep our ears clean and protected so that dirt doesn’t enter.

    Each member of the family must get his own Q-tip. We have different colors so you don’t mix them.

    Bamboo Q-tips are suitable for young children but parents must do the cleaning themselves to make sure that children don’t get hurt.

    Designed & Manufactured in

    Designed in: France | Made in: China


    Length: 4" (10cm)

Oriculi, bamboo Q-tips


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