Safety razor + 10 blades

Plastic free razor Hong Kong, bareaya
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Plastic free razor Hong Kong, bareaya Safety razor + 10 blades

Safety razor + 10 blades

  • Closed comb
  • Made of quality brass
  • Anti-rust coating
  • Appropriate for men and women
  • 10 blades included
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  • Recyclablecan be recycled

  • Recycledmade from recycled content

  • Compostablecan be composted

  • Reusablecan be used again

  • What's in it

    The razor is made of quality white brass with anti-corrosion plating.

    Perfectly weighted and balanced to glide on the skin without effort.

    Works with all universal double-edge blades.

    Comes in its certified organic cotton pouch.

    Set of 10 blades included

    How to use?

    To load or change the blade: Unscrew the handle from the head by twisting it anti-clockwise. Insert the blade between the two parts that form the head. Screw everything back together. Tighten it. You will see the blade is curving: this is what we are into for a non-aggressive shave.

    To shave: Wait the end of a shower when your skin and hairs are soften. Apply shaving cream, soap or oil. Apply short strokes while holding the razor at 30° angle. If it's your first time using a safety razor, we would advise you to apply absolutely no pressure, using only the weight of the razor. You will gradually learn the amount of pressure you can apply to get the perfect shave according to your skin - but it will be far less pressure than what you are used to apply with a plastic razor. This is the reason why we prefer to say "no pressure at all" for the first shave.

    After shaving: Pat dry your skin, rinse the razor under the water stream (with a little bit of soap if you prefer) and leave it to dry outside the shower or water stream to get most of its lifetime potential.


    Length of the razor head: 44 mm

    Length of the safety razor: 108 mm

    Weight: 95g

    Designed & Manufactured in

    Designed in: Hong Kong | Manufactured in China


Safety razor + 10 blades


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